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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Types of String Bracelets

Here are all the types of string bracelets we can make: the rag rug, totem pole, zig zag, chevron, broken ladder, bordered chevron, braid, twist, fishtail, box, double fishtail, knotted twist, knotted twist-braid, know, and there is another one, we just don't remember the name of it. Sorry about that! We will get pictures of each type of string bracelet we can make on the blog as soon as possible! We can personalize your bracelet with the colors you would like however you want! Thank you all so much for all your support and for helping us provide for these beautiful kids in Guatemala!

Thank You!

I know that our blog looks really different and small and we appologize! But we are really excited to sell some more jewelry to you all! If you didn't know we already raised our goal of $500 and went beyond! But we are going to continue to sell our jewelry! We hope that you have enjoyed the jewelry if you have already purchased some. We will keep you posted on where we will be selling next! Thank you for all your support!

Friday, February 24, 2012

New Bracelets

We are now making string bracelets. There are lots of different colors to chose from. If you want to buy any you can email us. Email: Brooklyn's: ccacheer13@yahoo.com. Chloe's: chloe.kindred@yahoo.com. Just email us your colors and we will make it. There are lots of different types of bracelets we can make, and we would love to make some for you. So if you would like to buy a string bracelet or any other piece of jewelry please email us. And the string bracelets are $2. Thank you!!


If you would like to know the prices of our jewelry, here they are:
  Necklaces range anywhere from $8-$15 depending on the type of beads used.
  Bracelets are usually $5-$8 also depending on the beads used.
  Earrings are always $5.
  Rings are $2.
  String Bracelets are $2.

  We also sell little bead magnets and bookmarks and those are $1.